The Autumn Agenda

Autumn is special to us all. It is not a grand ensemble of too many elements like spring. But, just a minimal assemblage of few ambers, reds and yellows speckled on the fading greens along with a divine solitude. It is like one those plays that you can never grow bored of, in fact the one that you tend to watch only on special occasions. The beauty of autumn is in its simplicity. As it takes away the fading warmth and prepares us for the chilly winters to come. We just have to lay back and witness a spell binding show. No wonder the poets and writers fancy the ‘season of fall’ so much.

Five Things you must do in Autumn
While autumn casts its magic on everything and prepares earth for a makeover, one might fall short of the spots to devour its true charms. Here are 5 things that you must do in autumn.

1. A Park Day
You might have visited your neighborhood parks before, but autumn adds its own self-bred flavors to them. Before the harsh winters come, these are last days for them to embrace the fresh breeze and be free under the open and somewhat sunny skies. Walking or cycling along variedly decorated tree avenues that vividly changing colors in the company of the setting sun is all you need.

2. Pack a Picnic
In today’s tight schedules, getting a vacation or a trip might be difficult. At such times picnics are a great option. Autumns are great for such small getaways. So, gather your gang, fill up your picnic basket with your favorite food, find your own spot in the woods or choose your favorite countryside and pamper your worked-up soul this autumn.

3. Find your unplugged version
Autumn comes bearing gifts of coolness and serenity. So, the best way to embrace them, is alone. Where no one could alter your attention while you strike a melody with the nature. Read a book or listen to your favorite tracks on your favorite park bench as the autumn colors set in. Imagine sitting by lake speckled with amber and red leaves that float effortlessly while you dive into your ocean of thoughts. Now, do it!

4. Say no to the Glitz and Glam
In Autumn, skip the conventional routine of dressing up and overrated fancy venues for dates. Autumn would provide you with a far more romantic setting just like the one in the movies. So, choose a surreal destination that gives a dose of solitude where you can lose yourself into each other.

5. Photography spree
Autumn has something in store for each one. ‘God is in details’; so, get your favorite details of the season and preserve them forever. You don’t need a high-profile camera to capture these enchanting memories. Even the camera loves Autumn. Any day is perfect to get you amazing pictures that would lighten up your Instagram feed. So, get ready to click, focus and zoom and autumn poses as your perfect muse. Use the Yoin app to share these snippets of heaven with your tribe.

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