October Fest

When October is approaching, the Germans start prepping for an extravagant beer carnival inviting the whole world to experience the ecstasy of their breweries. While we already knew that beer is the key to happiness, it is them who actually initiated an elaborate 18 days festival which celebrates every aspect of brewing. The festival that developed from a royal marriage celebration in 1810 AD, today continues to revive the spirit of togetherness amongst the people with their very favourite beer.

When and where?
Contradicting its name, the fest actually starts in September. Starting from the last week of September it becomes the life of Munich and lasts through entire first week of October.

Not every good thing comes at a price. The entry to the fest is absolutely free. However, the entry to the ‘Oide Wiesn (Old Oktoberfest)’ is charged at 3€ per person. The visitors just have to bear the expenses of their food, beer and accommodation during the fest. The brewing companies sell tokens called ‘Biermarken’ well in advance. One can book them online too.

Highlights of the festival
Beer is definitely the hero of the fest, here they merrily call it the ‘liquid gold’. But that is not all you get here!

The Beer tents
There is beer for everyone here! The entire parade ground is adorned with attractive-looking, tents that don’t just serve beer, but also the good times. Each one different than another. To experience the mad frenzy inside an Oktoberfest tent is a different experience altogether, watching them share their pure love for beer. They also serve authentic german, lip smacking chicken and steaks that accentuates the entire feel of the fest.

The Parade
The participants of the fest get to experience the royal zest through the magnificent ‘Costume and Riflemen’s Parade’ on the first Sunday of the fest.  This 7 km long parade, brings in the beer wagons demonstrating the fervour of coming days. About 9500 people in elaborate costumes engage in creating and a grand show with traditional dances, music and marching routines.

Open-Air Oktoberfest Music Concert
Beer goes best with music. And this festival promises you the melodies that you would not forget right at the footsteps of Bavaria statue. Besides from the music that livens up the beer tents, the fest also hosts an open-air music concerts on the second Sunday of the fest. With more than 300 artists who perform traditional Bavarian music, this surely is an event that you don’t want to miss.

The City tour
Besides these attractions, the entire city of Munich waits for explorers like you to share its wisdom of art, culture and architecture. Though the fest doesn’t officially host a city tour, but this certainly something that no one would like to miss.

So, we are sure Oktoberfest is definitely added to your bucket list now. But, are you worried how to plan for this amazing fest? Well, you don’t have to if you have Yoin!

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