How to UP your Photo Game on Instagram!

In this self-proclaimed dysfunctional real world, we have found solace in the virtual world. We somehow find everything better online and the validation we get here just tops it all. Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest etc have become the platforms where we can showcase our art and creativity and just be! Some people have such a strong game online and it’s amazing to see. Check Liza Koshy’s Instagram feed. She’s a famous YouTuber and her Instagram aesthetics are just something to look forward to. A great feed not only makes you gain followers but also enhances your artistic skills. It’s incalculable how much one could do with pictures; it’s pleasing. People have made millions just by uploading the right content online.

Here are a few things you can do to get yourself in this game called Instagram

1. Be Original
First and foremost, BE ORIGINAL with your content. Don’t do what your favourite actress or your favourite model is doing. No harm in getting some inspiration but don’t do exactly what they do. Add your touch. The feed should reflect something about you. Nobody wants to see the same content on multiple pages. Before you start, you could also take some tips from your gang. Use Yoin for a fruitful discussion that’ll end with valuable inputs and suggestions instead of confusion and mental clutter.

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 2. Plan a Theme
A theme is an important aspect of any feed. Decide what you want to do, how you want to do it. If you want a retro theme, then plan the filters it’ll need. Whatever the theme, choose your filters for it and maintain it throughout. Instagram gives great options of editing your pictures to adjust the contrast, sharpness etc. Utilize them to the fullest. They’ve been added to the app for a reason.

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3. Run a Pattern
Sometimes maintaining a theme can get a bit awry if you like something else suddenly or simply just get bored. Splitting your theme and creating a pattern accordingly can be a great aesthetic too. The only motive of a pattern is to make your feed look clean and not scattered. So, get the pattern going. For e.g. upload pictures in multiples of three (because Instagram shows three in a row) with the same theme or filter. Suppose you’re using the Clarendon filter for the pictures of some forest that you visited; upload three/six/nine pictures of the same kind with the same filter itself. This way your feed will not look clustered. Also, don’t upload the pictures in long gaps if the uploads are event-specific.

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4. Get Quirky
Sticking to the pattern and theme has already upped your game. But now, in anti-thesis, try throwing in some theme breakers. Theme breakers are a great deal. You can either upload plain white pictures in multiples of three, rather three only, or put in some icons. Either way, a theme breaker can do wonders when you follow a pattern.

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5. Use an App
There are a lot of apps that just takes your photography game to a whole new level. These apps work on those curves, the lighting, the filters, everything. Here are a few of them: VSCO cam, Snapseed, Pixlr, etc. VSCO gives you the best landscape shots. Pixlr gives you a lot of editing and filtering options. Snapseed, which is owned by Google, is a great bridge between amateur photography and professional photography. All of these are free and easy to use. If you want to spend a few bucks and do more then you could go for Adobe Lightroom as well.


All these points come into picture after you click a great shot. If you think your camera quality is low and still want to game up, then use the grainy filters or retro filters. Too cool for colour? Go monochrome! Game up and just do your thing. You don’t necessarily have to follow a trend, go create your own. Crash that feed!

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