Hello September!

Hello September, greetings from honest, fidgety and still struggling humans. 3/4th of the year has gone by and life has been an overwhelming circus. Since you have arrived, I realize that the year is entering its last quarter! This can get any of us thinking, have we done enough? Contemplating on major life decisions, we might think about the berried resolutions, forgotten promises (especially to self), the ‘new year new me’ commitment to self totally overlooked. There could be an entire list of things that aren’t done yet, from the missed-out Yoga classes, fully paid but unused gym membership to achieving deadlines; personal or professional. But stress not. Four months is still a lot of time to win the world! So, here are a few things that you could do, to make this year memorable. After all, it’s always the last leg that matter the most.

1. Learn something new
Learning something new is always so enthralling. What better way to end the year than to pick up a new skill? Who knows the world might get another hidden maestro who never explored his talents before? It could be anything; a musical instrument, an art form, a dance form or trying a hand at brewing. It is never too late for anything, you know?

2. Track all the positives
Wars are won by winning small battles. So, track all your achievements and progresses of the past three quarters; however big or small they may have been. Now give yourself a little pat on the back and feel good about it.  Remind yourself and find ways to repeat them or continue them. This will pump you up further for the good work you would want to do for the rest of the year.

3. Travel somewhere
Traveling is an age-old remedy for everything. So, just travel; not for the glamorous Instagram feed, but for yourself. Just to reconnect with your inner self and make memories for the years to come. It would re-energize your body and mind marking this year in your travelogue.

4.  Meet old friends
While we might get many chances to make new friends in today’s expanding universes; we barely have enough time to catch up with our old ‘partners in crime’. Don’t we just totally cherish the good old times and the unadulterated bonds we shared? So, having them back wouldn’t hurt much right? Yoin is a great app to connect with your tribe and get them to be on the same page as you about the plan. So, go ahead, download Yoin and plot those reunions to celebrate old friendships and end this year on a high note.

5. Get a makeover
Who doesn’t enjoy heads turning their way? A little attention is always good. Besides, makeovers aren’t just for the external mirror pleasing looks. They are a key to change you in and out. They affect your inner personality; the way you feel about yourself. So, a new hair color or wardrobe change is actually a great idea for this last quarter of the year. Also, a timely investment for the end of the year parties.

6. Groom an old passion
As young struggling individuals who want to make their mark in the world, we always tend to lose on to our passions and ignore them for the best. But what keeps you happy; also keeps you healthy. So, if you are not feeling happy in your enclosed office because your soul craves for a little more; then look out for your forgotten passion that lightens up your face. It could be cooking, painting, sketching, singing, writing, just about anything. Include it more often in your routine and this will make your year worthier.

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