Five most popular finger foods Food for the fingers and the Soul!

Finger foods have been glorifying our parties, get togethers, house arrest weekends and basically our entire existence.  Be it a game-night or birthday or even funeral, one just cannot skip on these munchies. These fine pieces of delight that accentuate our fingers have silently contributed to our happiness. We don’t really appreciate it when the bowl is full; it is only then when the last piece is left, or when our favorite movie is on television and the jar runs empty that we feel the prick. Nevertheless, they are our comfort givers and stress busters and we love them all.

Five most popular finger foods
Before we get started here, let us apologize for the food cravings that are about to come. The competition is really fierce, but we have tried our best to get all the classics that have survived the test of time and flavours together.

1. Popcorn
Humans have been ‘popping’ corn since 3200 BC. That is right, popcorns that we have been endlessly munching on all the time are actually our ancestral heirloom. And, they are low in calories; isn’t that all you need to make a ‘Super Finger food’. Your movie can be bad or good, but popcorns are just divine each time! Sometimes don’t you get confused if ‘popcorns are for the movies’ or if ‘movies are for the popcorn’. Think about it!

2. French fries
If there is anything worth cheating on any diet, then that is ‘french fries’. These crispy potato fingers don’t just please your tongue, but they your soul. They may be called the side dish, but we know that it’s the side dish we love more. We probably have ‘fries’ every day, for they complement anything and everything. And, no one really needs a reason to have fries.

3. Nachos
Coming right from the Mexican food extravaganza, we have nachos. These paper-thin crispy tringles are just meant to be dipped in! Still wondering why there is no other shape for nachos? You can go for classic salsa-nachos or then experiment with multiple toppings. One can never get bored of this perfect snack!

4. Chips
Potato is undoubtedly the favorite choice of the food inventers. So, it goes without saying that we are talking about the potato chips. Ruling the world by its addictive ‘crunch’, chips truly live by the spirit of an appetizer. One never is satisfied with the amount of chips they have had. They just leave a perpetual craving for more in you.

5. Hot dogs
This lip-smacking variation of a sandwich has been the star of the street food joints. Since 1880, we have been resorting to these classic ‘hot dogs’ topped with mustard sauce for hunger pangs and pure contentment. They can be your tasty quick fix for untimed hunger breaks or an alternative to meals. No matter when you have them, they promise a satisfied, stuffed tummy!

I am sure, that we have left a hunger tornado in you by this time. But, its okay. Do not hold it back. Devour the goodness of these awesome finger foods and appreciate their presence in our lives!

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