Coffee Chronicles

In this marvelous world of inventions and discoveries, don’t you praise the person who discovered the heavenly coffee beans; just as often as you praise the Lord? Who knew, that these little brown beans would drive the world one day. What do you pair a good book with? What do you need to enjoy a rainy evening? Or what makes those long conversations even better? Practically, our answer to everything is, this delicately brown beverage giving out sensational aromas so fresh that it feels brushing against your soul. Coffee is not just a drink. It is an emotion!

Seven things that make coffee so awesome!
Well, you don’t really need reasons to love coffee as we are clearly very obsessed with it but still, let’s just glorify it further.

1. Best of both worlds
Now this is really awesome right! It tastes just as good as when its steaming hot brewed with the most soothing aromas as it does when its ice cooled, blended with cream and love. This makes it a perfect companion to quench our need whether it’s the chilly winters or parched summers. It has to be one of those perpetual things present in our homes at all times; topping our shopping list ever so regularly.

2. Everything at once
Any time is coffee time! It’s a complete multi-tasker, it works harder than you do! Some use it to kick start the day and some to pull off an all-nighter. It can be that one sip that gives you all the goodness of life right in the morning, or a therapeutic healer concluding a worked-up evening. Not to forget a total energizer that you can rely on when you need a boost to hit that extra mile.

3. For all occasions and places
You can have Coffee at work or at home, at a business meeting or at casual meetups, on dates and also at family gatherings. It just fits perfectly everywhere; so much so that we have a special table named after it: AKA ‘The Coffee Table’. It doesn’t end there. We have the exotic coffee table books and exclusive coffee mugs to adorn the Coffee Table.

4. So many variations
Coffee is indeed a one-man army, as it can be groomed to be so many different ecstasies. There is Latte, Cappuccino, Expresso, Macchiato, Mocha and so many others. The best part is, there is no guilt even if you decide to binge-drink it.

5. Coffee Connections
We might miss this out but coffee is the ultimate Cupid. How many times has this statement, ‘Let’s meet over Coffee!’ paved a way for hope? It has been building the foundations of so many romances since time unknown. Now, not all coffee dates are successful, but at least the coffee tasted awesome, right?

6. Coffee in everything
The flavor of Coffee is so versatile that it has found a way into everything in our lives. We have coffee flavored ice creams, waffle toppings, cakes, chocolates, candles and even alcohol. And the list just gets longer. But we just can’t get enough of it, can we?

So, do you remember when you had your first ever sip of coffee? Neither do we! But we all clearly remember the times we needed coffee and didn’t get it. Hence, in a world full of ‘superheroes’, Coffee would still be our first hero!

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