All Hail Halloween!

October is hands-down the most awaited month of the year closely competing with May. It marks the beginning of winter while it’s still not that cold. There is the fall – light and crisp weather. Even if it does symbolize the end of the pretty, little, summer dresses but aren’t you eager for the cozy sweater weather? And to make this month even better we have the Halloween on the 31st, the day we celebrate the ‘dead’.
Halloween comes with a lot of exciting things and choosing what to do can be a tricky business. We have listed out some of the routine Halloween activities but added a little twist! So, grab your notepad and start making notes:

1. Trick or Treat
This traditional Halloween mandate never ceases to be in style. The Trick-or-Treat trend has always been the factor that attracts the kids towards Halloween. Now, let kids do their thing; but have you ever wanted to get back to your friends for that high-school prank they pulled on you and left you embarrassed? Or, do you just want to have some fun with your colleagues and share a good laugh? Go Trick-or-Treating with a twist. Make chocolates of your own and put a sour or bitter filling inside it. Fool them with that chocolate coating only to see them regret it later. Serve these all at once and make sure your camera is on – just wait for the color of their face to change and enjoy your demonic spirit!

2. Costume Party
Costume parties are inevitable at this time of the year. The gang is all set but the idea? There are just so many things to choose from; and then there is also the task of arranging for the costumes. So, to help you out a little we have a list of things you can choose that are easy but still keep the vibe on:

  • Scooby Doo and team
  • Disney princesses/princes with a touch of villain.
  • The Nun is going to be the most used Halloween costume this year so go retro – go for Bloody Mary or Regan from The Exorcist.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street antagonist.
  • Teletubbies: Now, they make seem cute but spread a little ketchup on your face and the kids will be scarred for life.

3. Visit new places
If you have been partying in the same town for years now, go on and visit different cities and enjoy a new culture if at all. The nightlife is different in different cities, so you may want to explore a lot of new stuff. Halloween celebrations may vary vastly, so you can give it a go. This way, you not only get a new place, but you also make a lot of new friends. Oh, and yes, change of meals as well!

4. Home alone?
There’s no one who can make it up to you this Halloween? Being an extrovert, you can go out on your own and make new friends. But, if the introvert in you is dominating you then wear those pyjamas, pop that corn and go watch a spooky movie.

5. Kids zone
Be the coolest mom of that school group this Halloween. Unlike the usual ‘trick or treat’, plan a kid’s night and host it in style. Get them engaged in fun activities like pumpkin carving, spooky-cookie baking, best dress-up, pumpkin hunt, etc. and treat the winner with some Halloween candies. This way, their game gets stronger and yours, easier.

Now you have quite a list to choose from. Start prepping soon because the sooner the better. We know you may be thinking about how to actually execute these things and plan a great Halloween but, we know an easier way. With Yoin, planning a Halloween party becomes much easier. Not just that, you can send artsy, picture invites to your friends through Yoin. Download the app today and get started.

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