Pull Off any event

Don’t let last minute cancellations bog you down
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Revolutionize the way you plan Events.

Planning a fun activity with friends or a special occasion? If so then we have made that process very easy, simple, and painless for you. Instantly invite your friends or guests from your phone and simply know who is In and who is Out. No need to manually count your guests like other old messaging platforms since we do that for you. You simply get the count and efficiently plan the activity


Impromptu plans or hangouts with friends – In less than 3 seconds create a quick hangout to invite for all the friends and know who is in and out within minutes.

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Special Invitation

Be it a birthday parties, cocktail, dinner, brunch, festival, baby shower etc., “Yoin” is there for you.

  • Stunning Designs for every occasion and event
  • Can send invitations even via Whatsapp or iMessage. Invitees don’t need to have app to receive invitations
  • RSVP, Chat and Share photos separately for each invite
  • Hassle Free – No Emails, No Ads

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Open Invitation

Having a Soccer, Cricket, Basketball game or any other public event and want to invite anyone interested, “Yoin” is there for you

  • Invite all students in your college campus who is within certain miles simply by creating public invite on the app
  • Geo location based notifications to all the app users
  • Can send invite even via Whatsapp or iMessage groups

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What U send and What I receive

  • “Yoin” is free of cost (and ads, and spam)
  • Send invites through your favorite messenger
  • Make intricate invitations right on your phone within seconds


Easily access all contacts from within the app.


In-built chat for those convincing arguments.


Notifications for everything you need to be notified about.


Share invitations easily through your messenger of choice. Seamlessly integrates with Whatsapp, iMessage etc.

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